Music Soothes the Soul

One of the things I found with my time in Saudi and my predicament, was that music always played a huge part in my journey. Obviously different stages there was always a song that pulled me though, that gave me hope. One such song was Free by Light House Family, Each song at the time would give me that kick up the back side when I would feel it was hopeless and I would never taste freedom again. Some songs seem sad, but the words would pull me through. It pains at times to still hear them but as I get stronger they no longer hold pain to them but a feeling of pride that I pulled through, and I am indeed ‘FREE’


Author: Shifting Sands

I'm an ordinary girl from Liverpool UK, who had the fortune to travel to a part of the world , that is not ventured to often, full of mystery, and falsehoods, Saudi Arabia; The Magikal Kingdom, a country unlike any other, where life shifts like a grain of sand, and is an unpredictable as the wind itself.

2 thoughts on “Music Soothes the Soul”

  1. I read your story. You are indeed blessed that you and your family were able to escape. You were married to a wonderful man from what I could read. Best wishes for your futures successes and struggles.


    1. Thank you so much – yes my husband was an amazing soul – like many Saudis who helped over the years preparing for our escape. Sadly like everywhere there are good and bad people and sadly his family were bad. Things are changing drastically in the Kingdom for the better and hopefully cases like mine will become rarer in the future.


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