Widowed in Saudi Arabia

I was very blessed on my journey to meet the Amazing Susie of Arabia, as well as being such a wonderful human being and friend, she is an expert on the life of Saudi Arabia sharing her experiences with the world. Susie is an American Lady married to a wonderful Saudi man and has resided in the Kingdom since the Fall of 2007. Her help in my journey was life changing, and I will be eternally grateful to her and her husband. Susie wrote a short blog of my experiences back in those darker days, when I was never sure if I would taste freedom again and see my friends and family.

Widowed in Saudi Arabia


Author: Shifting Sands

I'm an ordinary girl from Liverpool UK, who had the fortune to travel to a part of the world , that is not ventured to often, full of mystery, and falsehoods, Saudi Arabia; The Magikal Kingdom, a country unlike any other, where life shifts like a grain of sand, and is an unpredictable as the wind itself.

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